HOC has been launching on both Huione trading market and Singapore 6X Exchange!


Offline Wallet

Important Hints

After you download the wallet, be sure to backup your wallet!!! Otherwise, the loss of digital money caused by personal reasons such as forgetting the password or the loss of data is not responsible and can not be retrieved! Operation path: click the menu bar "file" - "backup purse". It is recommended to backup to a dedicated U disk and keep it properly. For details, see the help column.

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application data\Huicoin(XP)

C:\Users\user\Appdata\Roaming\Huicoin(Vista and 7)


~/Library/Application Support/Huicoin/MAC

07-01-18  Huicoin Core 1.0.1 Released    

       Huicoin Core 1.0.1 Released             

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