HOC has been launching on both Huione trading market and Singapore 6X Exchange!




  • Leading Global Cross-Border Clearing

    HuiOne chain is the core application and key value to build a leading global cross-border clearing system. The world's largest trading market is a $ 5.1 trillion day of foreign exchange trading. Even at the most conservative 0.5 ‰ market share, the potential for system monthly fee income is at least $ 76.5 million. Driven by the innovation of the block chain, the world's largest trading market is brewing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • HuiOne Trust Fund

    HuiOne cross-border clearing system for each transaction to collect 1 ‰ of the transaction into huiOne currency fund, the system of each transaction will inject new value for huiOne currency fund. HuiOne Coin as the only digital asset in HuiOne chain, determines that initial investors will have the opportunity to become the original shareholders of the most influential currency trading center and witness a starting point for geometric growth.

  • Top Industry Security Team

    Safety is the gene of HuiOne chain. the pursuit of safety runs through all aspects of system design, construction and implementation. Preventing malicious attacks is just a basic configuration, whether it's a legal account such as the U.S. dollar or an anonymous digital wallet such as bitcoin, and the top security team in huiOne cross-border clearing system will keep your money safe.

  • Small Transaction

    There is no charge for transactions between Huione Pay accounts or in the purse transactions that store the currency. The transaction service charge is required ...

  • HOC Exchange Instructions


    Unlike most of the digital currencies in the market, which are still in conceptual phase, Huione is based on the well-established cross-border capital settlement system of Huione Group and a deep understanding of blockchain technology. For each transaction of cross-border clearing system, each payment of handling fee will inject new value into the exchange. Huione Group's rapid leaps over the past four years to become Southeast Asia's most mainstream currency trading center has made the best comment on the value of this model. It is precisely for this reason that the transparent and trustworthy            Huione Fund will provide a solid value support for the Huione currency. From a technical point of view, the innovation of Huione Chain and the successful launch of Huione Currency are important milestones in the global cross-border clearing system. From an economic and financial perspective, the issuance of Huione Currency is a dimension-reducing attack on IPO projects of high quality potential, which is an excellent opportunity.

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  •  Huicoin Core 1.0.1 Released    

           Huicoin Core 1.0.1 Released             

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